Travel less. Help more teams.
all without cloning yourself

Does that schedule look familiar?

As an agile trainer / coach you love helping teams and the demand today is higher than ever.

But being booked solid for months with lots of days like the above makes you wonder:

Is this the most effective use of my time?

Can you sit through a planning meeting with us?

A lot of times customers ask for for coaching that's very piecemeal meaning a few hours here and there.

Can you sit through a planning meeting with us?
Can you sit through a refinement meeting with us?
Can you just join us and be an observer?

You want to help as many teams succeed as possible but cloning doesn't really work yet and delegating to junior coaches / trainers isn't really the solution if you really think about it.

More often than not what customers ask for doesn't really fit your current travel schedule or rates. And you think:

Really would be great if I could help them without sacrificing too much of my time.

You want to do help more but you can't

You really love your work and you could just talk for hours on end about self-organizing teams, done increments and ways to deliver more value, reduce waste and continiously improve.

And the crazy thing: People are willing to pay you top dollar for your expertise and you have to turn them down.

What happens after your training?

Customers are excited about the training and coaching you deliver. After your engagement you leave the customer with a good feeling (most of the time) and have high hopes.

Sometimes people take you up on your offer to follow up with questions via email after you're gone but most times there is silence and you can't help but think:

Is the stuff I tought being put to good use? Or are they turning into one of those companies who say they do Scrum but don't?

Really you want to make your expertise and knowledge available to them in a more scalable way.

Introducing :
An agile coaching platform to solve all most of your problems

Yes, 1:1 on-site coaching and training still is the most effective way of helping teams on their path to agility. But by now we have realized that it doesn't scale.

If you want to help more teams when 1:1 is not an option Aircoach will get you those benefits:

Quickly set up retainer agreements with your customers

Customers will happily pay for your availability even if its not 1:1 and they don't take advantage of it all the time.

You set the rules but we help you with templates and recommendations.

Private Q&A-site for each customer

Manage your own FAQ-database and share with fellow trainers and coaches.

Fully managed remote coaching

Show customers your availability and let them quickly set up a remote coaching call with a few clicks.

See how your teams are doing

Get insights to your teams backlogs and retrospectives results.

Give tipps whenever you have time from wherever you are.

Use to help more teams and still have time for the family.

Help more teams